RION Europe Office product overview

Vibration Meters

VM-56 | Tri-axial Groundborne Vibration Meter

Simultaneous PPV, VDV,Dominant Frequency & Displacement

The VM-56 is a groundborne vibration meter capable of simultaneously calculating the measurement quantities defined by DIN 45669-1, ISO 8041 and other national measurement standards. Like other Rion products, it is characterized by excellent build-quality and exceptional ease of use. It is suitable for a wide range of applications including attended measurements, unattended surveys and live-to-web monitoring.

VA-12 | Vibration Analyzer

Portable vibration analyzer for equipment diagnosis and on-site measurements.
Vibration meter with FFT analysis function.

* Vibration meter mode: Allows simultaneous measurement of acceleration, velocity, displacement, and acceleration crest factor.
* FFT analyzer mode: Real-time analysis frequency 20 kHz, 3 200 spectral lines and available Envelope processing.
* Waveform data storing on SD card for post process/analysis.
* Option: Waveform analysis software, Comparator software

UV-15 | Vibration Meter Unit

Flexible unit configuration allows simultaneous sound and vibration measurement.

* UV-15 and UN-14 (Sound Level Meter Unit) can be linked in a measurement system with up to 16 channels.
* Display shows parameters, measurement value, and bar graph indication.
* Rack mount capability for shop floor or laboratory installations. (JIS compliant rack CF-27 available as option)
* Option: Battery Pack Unit (BP-17), Interface unit (UV-22)

UV-16 | 2-Channel Charge Amplifier

The UV-16 is a 2-channel charge amplifier that is compatible with the input of piezoelectric accelerometers and accelerometers with built-in preamplifier.

* A multi-channel charge amplifier can be configured by coupling together a maximum of 16 units (32 channels).
* Power: Optional AC adapter or Battery Unit (BP-17).

VM-55 | Vibration Level Meter

Vibration Level Meter compliant with the Japan Measurement Act and JIS C 1510: 1995 and JIS C 1517: 2014.

・Simultaneous measurement of Lv and Lva
・Extended function program cards
・27 hours of measurement with IEC R6(size AA)
・Dust and water proofing IP54

VM-54 | 3-Axis Vibration Meter

VM-54 is designed for various vibration measurements with tri-axial accelerometer. Optional program cards (VX-54 series) help you make human-related vibration measurements.

VM-63C | Pocketable Vibration Meter(Riovibro)

Pocket-size vibration meter with integrated accelerometer.

* Designed for quick and easy use in the field.
* Suitable for preventive maintenance of industrial equipment, on-site quality control, product development, etc.

VM-82A | General-Purpose Vibration Meter

Three measurement modes:acceleration, velocity and displacement
Internal memory stores up to 1 000 data

The general-purpose vibration meter VM-82A is
designed mainly for maintenance and inspection of industrial machinery, with particular emphasis on
rotational machinery. Acceleration, velocity, and
displacement can be easily measured using a suitable frequency range, allowing comprehensive and precise evaluation of machine vibrations.

VM-83 | General-purpose Vibration Meter

Measure and evaluate vibrations using a piezoelectric accelerometer or the Servo accelerometer LS-10C.

* Display characteristics can be switched to rms, equivalent peak and equivalent peak-to-peak, with maximum value hold and peak hold.
* Connectivity for various kinds of accelerometers enables a wide range of vibration measurements.
* Comparator function with level evaluation output.

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