RION Europe Office product overview


Measure noise in a school classroom

Use a sound level meter to measure the sound level in the classroom

Measure high sound pressure levels

Use a combination of NA-42 and UC-29/UC-54/UC-31, NH series to measure high sound pressure levels.

Perform long-term recording of time waveform in multiple channels.

The data recorders DA-21 allow recording of time waveform data in multiple channels.

Perform filtering and arithmetic processing of time waveform

Using waveform analysis software, various types of filtering and other processing tasks can be applied to time waveform data recorded with an analyzer or data recorder.

Perform calibration of a sound level meter

Using an acoustic calibrator or pistonphone, the entire sound level measurement system including the microphone can be calibrated.

Looking for a very compact and lightweight sound level meter

The NL-27 is an ultra compact, ultra lightweight general-purpose sound level meter. It can be easily carried in a shirt pocket.

Record sound level or vibration level on paper media

A level recorder is an analog device that transcribes time-based changes in sound pressure level or vibration level onto recording paper.

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