RION Europe Office product overview


Perform vibration level measurement

Measurement of environmental vibrations such as from building sites, industrial plants, traffic etc. are performed with a vibration level meter. (according to the Japan Measurement Act JIS C 1510: 1995)

Measure hand-arm vibration for both hands simultaneously

This measurement system complies with the requirements of JIS B 7761-1,2, a standard for measuring and evaluating exposure to hand-arm vibrations caused by hand-held tools. The system allows simultaneous measurement for both hands.

Evaluate comfort in passenger vessels and merchant vessels

This measurement system allows measurement and evaluation of vibrations occurring in crew and passenger accommodation sections of ships, to evaluate suitability and comfort according to ISO 6954 and JIS F 0907.

Evaluate exposure to whole-body vibration in transportation vehicles etc.

This measurement system allows measurement and evaluation of exposure to whole-body vibrations occurring in transportation vehicles, as specified in the ISO 2631 series and JIS B 7760 series standards.

Measure hand-arm vibration exposure caused by hand-held tools

This measurement system allows measurement and evaluation of exposure to hand-arm vibrations due to the use of hand-held tools, according to the ISO 5349-1,2 and JIS B 7761-1,2 standards.

Perform measurement of allowable residual unbalance

After a balance adjustment, the vibration displacement is measured and taken as the residual unbalance.

Measure the damping ratio of resonating machinery

Using an accelerometer and single-channel FFT analyzer, the attenuation waveform of the vibration after excitation is measured and the one-degree-of-freedom damping ratio is determined from the result.

Determine transfer function and natural frequency

To measure the transfer function, an impulse hammer and accelerometer as well as a 2-channel FFT analyzer are required.

Measure the loss factor of an object

Using the SA-02 system, the loss factor of a material can be measured, using either the center excitation method or the cantilever method.

Perform simple vibration measurements in the field

A compact portable vibration meter can be used for example to measure vibrations in order to check the operation condition of machinery in the field.

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