RION Europe Office product overview

Mechanical vibration

Perform simple vibration measurements in the field

A compact portable vibration meter can be used for example to measure vibrations in order to check the operation condition of machinery in the field.

Perform vibration testing on production lines

The setup is intended for final inspection by vibration testing on production lines.

Perform monitoring of microvibrations

Intended for vibration monitoring of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and similar applications, this system measures microvibrations that normally cannot be detected by a regular accelerometer.

Perform mode analysis for an object

This setup allows mode analysis of a structural object.

Determine a natural frequency

To measure the natural frequency of machinery or a structural object, an accelerometer and an FFT analyzer with at least one channel are required.

Perform frequency analysis for devising countermeasures against vibrations

Frequency analysis with the aim of devising countermeasures against vibrations in machinery

Perform tracking analysis of vibrations on rotational machinery

Measure the relationship between vibrations and revolution speed of rotational machinery, and perform analysis to determine the cause of vibrations and to examine resonance conditions.

Perform drop shock measurement for machinery

A compact, lightweight accelerometer and general-purpose vibration meter can be used for acceleration measurements in drop shock testing.

Measure vibrations in a high-temperature target object

If the measurement target object is at a high temperature, an accelerometer designed for high-temperature use is required.

Measure vibration transmission coefficient

By measuring the vibration at the exciter side and the frequency response function of the vibration at the receiving side (transfer function), the vibration transmission coefficient can be determined.

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