RION Europe Office product overview

Building Acoustics related products

FI-01 | Light Floor Impact Sound Generator (Tapping Machine)

Check the performance characteristics of floor surface materials.

* Light and hard impact source imitating walking with shoes, designed for on-site use in measuring impact sound levels of flooring.
* Allows checking insulation performance of floor surface materials mainly in medium and high frequency range
(JIS A 1418-1: 2000 Standard Light Impact Sound Source)

FI-02 | Heavy Floor Impact Source (Bang Machine)

For testing the acoustic properties of floor construction.

* Heavy and soft impact source suitable for floor impact sound level measurement, simulating events such as children jumping up and down.
* Can be used to evaluate mainly the medium and low frequency range insulation aspect in the acoustic performance of floor structures.
* JIS A 1418-2: 2000 Standard Heavy Impact Source (impact force characteristics 1)

YI-01 | Impact Ball

For sound insulation testing of floors in buildings.

* Designed for sound insulation testing in light weight structures where a standard heavy impact sound source (bang machine) with characteristics (1) would create too much impact force.
* By performing a free drop from a height of 1 meter, a stable impact force of about 1 500 N (Newton) can be created.
* Light mass of 2.5 kg allows for easy carrying.

SF-06 | Random Noise Generator

Sound source for all kinds of acoustic measurements.

* Generates white noise and pink noise and uses a 1/1 octave filter to produce band noise.
* White noise and pink noise covers the 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range, and octave band noise uses center frequencies from 31.5 Hz to 8 kHz.
* Applications include architectural acoustic measurements, sound absorption factor measurements in anechoic chambers, and sound insulation measurements.

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