Use the general-purpose sound level meter NL-42 or high-precision sound level meter NL-52 for monitoring environmental noise.
The microphone can be protected with the all-weather windscreen WS-15, and the meters are waterproof, so sudden rain during outdoor use is not a problem.
Continuous measurement for one month is possible. (AC adapter and SD card required. Lp store cycle 100 ms, Leq calculation cycle 10 minutes.)
Recorded data can be processed with the AS-60 data management software for environmental measurement. This software enables measurement data graph display, arithmetic processing, sound exclusion, report creation, file output, and real-sound file playback.

Supported Technical Standard / Law / Regulation
●Environmental standards related to noise


NL-52 / NL-42 ound Level Meter, Class 1 / Sound Level Meter, Class 2
NX-42EX Extended function program
WS-15 All-weather windscreen
WS15006 Windscreen mounting adapter
EC-04 Series Microphone extension cables
NC-98C AC adapter
ST-80 / ST-81 Sound level meter tripod / All-weather windscreen tripod
AS-60 Data management software for environmental measurement