The light floor impact sound pressure level measurement serves to examine the sound insulation performance for sounds such as footsteps or dropped objects on wooden flooring or similar.
Perform light floor impact sound pressure level measurement (JIS A 1418-1) using a system centered around the multi-channel signal analyzer SA-02.
Install a tapping machine on the floor and microphones under the floor, and connect the microphones to the SA-02M. The airborne and floor impact sound insulation measurement software AS-20PC5 running on a computer is used to control the SA-02M.
First, use the AS-20PC5 to measure the background noise and reverberation time. Then activate the tapping machine. After starting measurement with the AS-20PC5, the measurement will be repeated automatically for the preset number of times. Change the position of the tapping machine and repeat the measurement at different locations to determine the final attenuation.
Instead of the whole measurement sequence, it is also possible to repeat only measurements for a specific instance.

Supported Technical Standard / Law / Regulation
●ISO 140-8:1997 
Acoustics -- Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements -- Part 8: Laboratory measurements of the reduction of transmitted impact noise by floor coverings on a heavyweight standard floor


SA-02M + SA-02SG Multi-Channel Signal Analyzer / Signal Output Unit
Power amplifier
EC-04 Series Microphone extension cables
FI-01 Light Floor Impact Sound Generator
AS-20PE5 Airborne Noise / Floor Impact Noise Insulation Measurement Software