Allows easy measurement of airborne sound in buildings (D value, L value etc.), and floor impact sound insulation performance measurement with a single instrument.
JIS and ISO compliant measurements and evaluation index calculation can also be performed with the NA-28 itself.
Data can be saved as text files, allowing use of an Excel macro for index calculation.
In addition, if the waveform recording card NX-28WR is also used, simultaneous sound pressure level waveform recording during measurement is also possible.

Supported Technical Standard / Law / Regulation
●ISO 140-5:1998「Acoustics -- Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements -- Part 5: Field measurements of airborne sound insulation of facade elements and facades」
●ISO 16032:2004「Acoustics -- Measurement of sound pressure level from service equipment in buildings -- Engineering method」


NA-28 Sound Level Meter, Class 1 (and 1/3 octave band real-time analyzer)
NX-28BA Building Acoustic Card
NX-28WR Waveform Recording Card
FI-01 Light Floor Impact Sound Generator
Noise generator SF-06 + power amplifier + speaker (reverberation time)